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We give startups the confidence to secure funding.

Pushingink specializes in creating tailor-made pitch decks that truly capture the essence of your business and its potential. We understand that a pitch deck is more than a presentation; it’s your story, your vision, and your first impression to potential investors. We are designers, storytellers, and business strategists who work to ensure that every slide communicates your ambition and ingenuity to disrupt the market. Our consulting services will guide you through the process of delivering your pitch with confidence and poise. We’re here to help you close the funding round your startup needs.

Introducing the opportunity they can’t afford to pass on

The initial pitch deck often serves as the first introduction of your brand setting the tone for your narrative. It’s not just about the information you present, but also how you present it. At Pushingink, we understand the profound impact of graphic design when creating lasting impressions. We work closely with founders to choose the color palette and design aesthetics that align with your brand’s ethos. These choices are more than just superficial details; they significantly contribute to the overall perception of your brand. Selecting design aesthetics that evoke the emotions that reinforce your brand’s personality, we ensure that your pitch deck is not only informative but also an authentic representation.

Graphic design that explains the unexplainable

A well-designed infographic can distill complex ideas into intuitive digestible visuals. We work with business leaders to create an infographic that illuminates your business’s ecosystem, revealing the interrelationships, targeted consumer base, and the broader industry context. Whether it’s demonstrating your product flow, company hierarchy, or segmentation, our custom-designed infographics serve as a powerful tool in cementing your pitch deck’s narrative.

We are the Jedi’s of PowerPoint and Google Slides

Our team provides expert-level support and final presentation delivery using both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. We understand that each platform has its strengths, and we leverage these to create pitch decks that are highly editable by your team. We provide training sessions to ensure your team is comfortable editing slides at a moment’s notice.

Our success rate for helping startups secure funding is 100%…That’s right, every time.

In the past two years, our team has played a significant role in securing over $100 million of funding for our clients. We have worked alongside ambitious startups and established enterprises, crafting pitch and sales decks that convey their vision and potential. Every client whom has hired us for creating a pitch deck has successfully closed their funding rounds. This milestone not only attests to the quality of our work but also underscores our commitment to helping our clients realize their business ambitions.

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