Paramount Management Group

  • Website Design & Development

Paramount delivers ATM solutions to retailers and financial institutions designed to meet the fast-evolving needs of consumers.

When Paramount reached out to us for a website redesign, we dove right into our strategic process. After a few iterations of the site architecture and making sure that each service and platform Paramount offers was accounted for, we began developing wireframes for each page of the site.

Each wireframe was carefully crafted with the user experience as top of mind.  We wanted current and prospective customers to get to their site and be able to quickly learn about the breadth of the services offered for each industry. As we thought about the architecture and the experience, we developed a section of the site to feature case studies, press releases, and company news.

Once we moved past the wireframe stage we wanted the visuals to align with the customer-centric approach that the company offers. The final result was a website that established the new brand direction for years to come.