Case Study: roast+chop

How to brand a restaurant to increase sales

  • Website Design & Development
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Naming
  • Photography
  • Sales & Marketing Materials
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Signage
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Menu Design
  • Digital Menu Board Design

roast+chop is a fast-casual restaurant located on the Main Line.

The restaurant owner first contacted us due to sales loss and asked us to create a competitive analysis of their brand to better understand why they were losing market share. By building the brand around locally sourced roasted proteins and chopped vegetables, we guided a successful relaunch as roast+chop. Soon, sales reached national fast-casual benchmarks set by leading brands like Chipotle.

In a competitive market that had quickly adopted modern, healthy fast-casual restaurants, we knew there was still room to differentiate and capitalize on a high-traffic location with the right brand. We created a name, brand, and identity system for roast+chop so that the restaurant clearly conveyed its value to the community. Unlike a pure creative agency, we consulted on how to improve the customer experience with digital signage and a streamlined ordering process inside the store.

Next, we brought the roast+chop brand to life online with new photography, a clean, responsive website to help customers order on any device and key messaging to tell the story about roast+chop’s commitment to sustainability.

To spread the word of roast+chop to the community, we built multi-channel advertising and marketing strategies across print, search engines, social media, emails, and events, helping ensure strong traffic from day one and a platform for long-term success.


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