Case Study: Snavely’s Mill

A Timeless Brand Story

  • Market & Competitive Research
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Copywriting
  • UI & UX
  • Website Design & Development

Snavely’s Mill is one of the oldest working Flour Mills in the United States. Built in 1790, it has carried the Snavely name since 1875 and continues to be owned and operated by the 6th generation of the Snavely family.

We were very intrigued when we first met with Snavely’s Mill and fascinated by their story. Throughout history, they had many triumphs and tribulations, yet managed to stay the course and bring the business to where it is today.

We took many notes during our initial meeting for a website redesign and sat down after to plan. We decided the best approach was to look at their brand holistically – the logo, website, and story. We started with R&D and deciding on a single logo usage for the marketing materials.  It made sense to use the circular branded logo from their bags, given the historical attributes their brand has to offer.

We built the schematic for the website architecture, with an improved online experience for both current customers and new business. We recategorized products, changed naming conventions, and suggested additional content for better organic ranking. As we designed the site, we pulled in colors that were currently being used in packaging. Part of the website assets was a need for strong visuals – we creative directed a photo and video shoot to help pull together their story and visually communicate it.

We’re sure you’ll be as captivated by their story as we are.


“Working with Brian and Kate at pushingink was a pleasure. They were attentive to the uniqueness of our organization and offered the freedom to shape that in the website design process. Their enthusiasm around our business and reminiscing about its history made for an enjoyable and productive experience!”

Snavely's Mill