Meet your new marketing agency.

Smaller and faster than ever.

We integrate seamlessly as a full-service marketing agency and an extension of the teams that hire us.

We help clients across the globe better engage their target markets and generate results through effective design, marketing, communication, and intent. We believe in a holistic approach to branding and design and enjoy working with like-minded organizations and individuals who are passionate about being authentic and standing for something.

Pushingink uses a holistic approach to brand marketing through strategy, creative and purpose.

Principles of Thinking

01. Strategy

All facets of a brand need to be aligned, so your products or service can match your brand promise.

02. Creative

How your brand looks and communicates to the world is the first exposure a customer has, so it should come first in your strategy.

03. Purpose

A brand should communicate its purpose to attract new customers and retain existing customers, making its influence in the market paramount.

Rules of Engagement


From Fortune 500 to small businesses, companies choose Pushingink to deliver the same quality that big marketing agencies of 200+ people deliver with the accountability of a small team.

Competitive Fees

We’re able to perform marketing tasks at a much lower fee than big urban agencies across the US due to our reduced overhead.


We’re proactive. We find new traditional and digital marketing opportunities for our clients to help them reach their goals on a monthly and quarterly basis. We understand that most business leaders have limited time to think about their marketing.


The marketing agency world is notorious for high turnover. At Pushingink, our clients always know who they are communicating with and they like the fact that they will never get an intern or jr. level marketer on the phone.


Our business was built on genuine, personal connections created between our team and our clients. We are extensions of the teams that hire us and integrate seamlessly. We are open and transparent with our clients. We know our strengths and we don’t extend ourselves beyond them.

Our clients love us because we make marketing managers look like rock stars and business owners look like visionaries. We never oversell. We never overcharge.

Pushingink is a full-service marketing agency with an authentic approach.

Meet Kate and Brian

Our clients know us as Kate and Brian–the only two people who answer the phone, but that’s for a reason. We’re a small, but mighty team of two people that packs a powerful punch. We started as Creative Directors for big marketing agencies in Metropolitan areas and didn’t agree with their methodology. So, we decided to turn back to a hands-on approach of researching, strategizing, and developing solutions that grow brands both big and small.

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Now you know why our two heads are bigger than one big fat agency.

Now you know why our two heads are better than one big fat marketing agency.

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